“There is only one name in Asia that you can count on for your flight support needs, Aviation One”.
- JavaJet Asia
“Permits aOne has been an instrumental element in the success of Prime Jet. Since 2010 Permits aOne has been our reliable and hardworking partner handling our international operations. The team is always available and has a “get it done” attitude. There is no mission too difficult and no challenge they are not willing to overcome on our behalf. Permits aOne has proven relationships around the world with foreign permits and ground handling. All of this service is done with transparent, fair and reasonable pricing.”
- Prime Jet US
“Their staffs are willing to go the extra mile to provide not only good customer satisfaction but also to find alternative solutions for any challenging situation instead of just giving a “No” for an answer.”
- AEG Fuels
“We are very happy with the services that they provide, be it from managing our aircraft, getting permits or arranging ground handling across the globe. We have been using them in the past 5 years and they have been delivering outstanding outcomes. Service delivery was very efficient and solutions Were customized to our varying needs at a reasonable price with transparency. Most importantly Aviation One had effectively helped enhanced our operational capability.”
- Falcon 2000 Operator in Malaysia
“Aviation One, the only name that you need to contact when it comes to flight support and business aviation services.”
- PT AFM Aviasi
“We would like to express that we are happy with your service in providing us with flight permits and ground handling services globally in the past years. Service delivery was very efficient and solutions were customized to our varying needs at a reasonable price. Most importantly you have effectively helped enhanced our operational capability. We expect the business aviation sector to continue to grow and we want to continue to be part of this growth together. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.”
- G550 operator based in Singapore
“We are very satisfied with their efficient services and solutions, customized to our operational needs at reasonable price, which have effectively helped us enhanced our operational capability.”
- Gulfstream 650 Operator in Singapore
“Aviation One maintenance management team is able to support the technical issue of the aircraft and plan for the quickest turnaround with limited resources available….Overall we think that AOne are well capable to deliver cost-effective, responsive and personalized maintenance management service.”
- Gulfstream 300 Operator in Malaysia